Advanced Methods Workshop Slides

  • Epigenetics & High Dimensional Epigenome – Wide Assocation Studies (EWAS) for Perinatal Epidemiology
    Andres Cardenas (Slides)

    Epidemiologic evidence without p-values
    Sonia Hernandez-Diaz (Slides)

  • Sensitivity Analysis for Missing Data: The “how to” for the “what if”
    Neil Perkins and Rose Radin (Slides)

    Causal impact: a gentle introduction to pursuing more policy-relevant epidemiologic investigations
    Daniel Westreich and Elizabeth Rogawski (Slides)

  • Latent growth curve analysis in perinatal and pediatric epidemiology
    Dr. Janne Boone-Heinonen and Sheila Markwardt (Slides) (Handout)

    Doubly Robust G Estimation of Structural Nested Models: Concept and Application
    Dr. Ashley Naimi (Slides) (Handout)

  • Applied spatial analysis in perinatal and pediatric epidemiology
    Dr. Michael Kramer (Slides)

    Methods to account for multiple exposures
    Dr. Franco Momoli (Slides)
    Dr. Jillian Ashley-Martin (Slides Slides2)

  • Simulation methods in epidemiologic research and learning
    Dr. Matthew Fox (Slides)
    Dr. Kelly Getz (Slides)

    Creating risk prediction models in perinatal epidemiology 
    Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon and Laura Schummers (Slides)

  • Biomarkers and measurement error beyond conventional methods
    Dr. Enrique Schisterman (Slides)

    Propensity-score analysis: matching, weighting, and stratification in Stata and R
    Dr. Whitney Robinson (Slides, Zip File)
    Dr. Brian Lee (Slides)

  • An introduction to causal inference based on instrumental variables analysis
    Dr. Maria Glymour and Dr. Raluca Ionescu-Ittu (Slides)

    Absolute epidemiology: developing software skills for estimation of absolute contrasts from regression models in perinatal epidemiology
    Dr. Jay Kaufman and Dr. Ashley Schempf (Slides)

  • Bias analysis to address misclassification in pediatric and perinatal epidemiology
    Dr. Timothy Lash (Slides)

    Application of these methods to a study of influenza vaccination misclassification and preterm birth
    Dr. Katherine Ahrens (Slides)

    Strategies for maximizing the evidence obtained from epidemiologic studies
    Dr. Sholom Wacholder

  • Effect decomposition using marginal structural models
    Dr. Tyler VanderWeele (Slides)

    Approaches to modeling menstrual cycle function
    Dr. Paul Albert (Slides)

    Racial differences in menstrual cycle patterns of sex hormones
    Dr. Edwina Yeung (Slides)