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Grant Review

SPER Grant Review

Grant Review

SPER has always fostered career development of our members as a way to further our field and improve reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric outcomes.  Toward that end, we have a new grant review process created especially for SPER members.
You must be an SPER member to participate as either a grant application writer or reviewer.


  • Submit their grant applications through the system

  • Must submit their grant 90 days in advance of the funding agency’s deadline

  • Will be matched to a SPER-member reviewer based on the grant topic and reviewer expertise

  • Will receive feedback at least 30 days before funding agency deadline
  • Will receive written feedback on their research question, methods, and writing

  • Will be invited to review an application that matches their expertise

  • Can decline to review any application

  • Will have 30 days to review the application and provide feedback

  • Will provide feedback in written form

  • Will not be identified to the applicant unless specifically requested

  • Can state blackout dates when they cannot review

  • Can state how often they are willing to review

*The system is designed to allow the writer ample time to react to feedback before submitting to their funding agency and the reviewer flexibility to fit in to busy schedules.   SPER members are encouraged to enroll as a potential reviewer.