Executive Committee – Call for Nominations

Service Promotion Experience Recognition

Nominations are being sought for President (2021-2024), one Member-at-Large (2021-2025), and SPER Student Representative (2021-2022). All terms will begin at the close of the June 2021 Annual Meeting. Members of SPER are encouraged to nominate themselves or any other member of SPER to run for these positions, and help our Society achieve continued success through this opportunity for professional service.

The President will serve as President Elect (2021-2022), President (2022-2023), and Past President (2023-2024). The main duties of the President-Elect are to help the President develop plans for the Annual Meeting and to chair the selection of the Student Prize Paper Award Recipient. The President designs the program for the Annual Meeting and is in charge of Executive Committee decision-making. The Past President chairs the selection of the Heinz Berendes International Travel Award recipient and provides input as needed.

The Member-at-Large participates in all Executive Committee activities. The Member-at-Large elected this cycle will be responsible for SPER communications, including the SPER Twitter account. This member will replace Nicole Talge.

The Student Representative participates in Executive Committee meetings, encourages and facilitates student participation in SPER and plans the Advanced Methods Workshop, which precedes the Annual Meeting. This member will replace Sonia Grandi.

Nominations are due by March 31, 2021 and should be sent to Anne Marie Jukic at jukica@niehs.nih.gov or can be submitted online through the SPER website. Nominees will be asked to submit a candidate statement by the above deadline. You can also contact Anne Marie for more information by email or by phone at 984 287 3699. The slate of candidates and ballot will be presented to the membership for electronic voting to take place in April 2021.