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Twitter Posters


Were you looking forward to presenting at this year’s Annual Meeting and are looking for opportunities to engage with the SPER community about your research?

Consider making a Twitter Poster! The process is simple:

Use the template below (optimized aspect ratio for Twitter) to create three slides that summarize key points from your presentation. Credit: Mike Morrison.

Save the template as an animated GIF. The resulting file will cycle among the three slides you constructed and be saved as a single image.

To do this:

If you have PowerPoint 365: File; Export; Animated GIF. Save the animated GIF your computer.

If you do not have PowerPoint 365: File; Export; Create a Video. Save the video to your computer.

Use a freely available Video to Animated GIF converter ( and save the GIF to your computer

Post your animated GIF on Monday, June 21st using your Twitter account. Include the hashtag #SPER_TwitterPosters2021 in your post and don’t forget to tag @SPER_News!

Twitter poster template